Symrise Annual Report 2015 Symrise Annual Report 2015Symrise Annual Report 2015


In January 2016, Symrise acquired the US-based com­pany Pinova Holdings and its subsidiaries Pinova and Renessenz. In doing so, the Group has increased its raw material basis for fragrances and strengthened the important area of oral care.

Fragrances for perfumes and care products, functional ingredients – all made from renewable raw materials: The US-based company Pinova Holdings, along with its operating companies Pinova and Renessenz, contributes a large amount of expertise in this area. “With this acquisition, we have strongly expanded our portfolio,” says Achim Daub, President Scent & Care. “With this, we are getting even closer to our major goal of creating a supply of raw materials that is based on renewable resources to the greatest extent possible.”

Achim Daub
President Scent & Care, Symrise AG

The Pinova line includes specialized products that are generated from wood and byproducts of paper manufacturing or from oils that arise from the processing of oranges. The company, based in Brunswick, Georgia, has over 100 years of history. 400 employees at three production sites in the southeastern United States produce numerous specialties and fragrances, as well as cooling substances for oral care products. “With this, we are achieving forward integration with menthol, for which we are the world’s largest supplier. This means that we can offer new ingredients that we used to have to buy ourselves,” says the member of the Executive Board. “At the same time, we can use our own technologies to increase the process efficiency of Pinova and Renessenz,” Daub clarifies, which is an ad­ditional benefit of the broad local and multinational customer structure of the American company.

Another important area of their business relates to raw materials for perfume compositions, for which Pinova has an integrated value chain. Our colleagues in the United States work closely with the producers and raw material suppliers and have established a close supply chain. They thus have secure access to crucial and sustainably produced ingredients that increase the creative potential of Symrise. “We are very inno­vative when it comes to the palette of raw materials available to our perfumers. At the same time, we have a large archive of important and unique fragrance elements with which we can create the most exciting products,” Achim Daub explains. And he is convinced: “With Pinova and Renessenz, we are gaining a comprehensive portfolio that will provide us with new creative impulses.”