Symrise Annual Report 2015 Symrise Annual Report 2015Symrise Annual Report 2015

Sharing Values
and Goals

Symrise and Natura are two companies that operate ­according to the same principles. They both place a strong emphasis on nature and social commitments. A discussion on partnership, sustainability and business success
Roberto Oliveira de Lima is CEO at Natura. Brazil’s largest producer of natural cosmetics primarily sells its products directly to customers in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Colombia and France.
Ricardo Omori is responsible for Symrise’s Scent & Care business in Latin America.

Mr. Lima, what does sustainability mean for Natura?

Roberto Oliveira de Lima: It has been at the heart of everything we do since our founding in 1969. Our success ­depends on the quality of our products, the added value they provide to customers and the sustainable network that we have developed with our suppliers. One focus of our strategy is to develop together with our partners at all levels. This only works if they have the same values we do. That’s why we look for suppliers who fit that mold, for example.

Ricardo Omori: Symrise follows the same approach – that is why our ­cooperation is such a good fit. The ­Ecoparque is a perfect example of this. For us, it was no problem to move some operations to the sustainably designed industrial park that Natura developed. Our commitment to nature, society and the socioeconomic development of the regions we operate in is part of our core business.

Symrise is allowed to sell the products resulting from the raw mate­rials generated by this joint project to other customers. Why don’t you insist on exclusivity?

Roberto Oliveira de Lima: Because this would limit opportunities for our suppliers. Our primary goal is to benefit the Amazon region. That is why we use as many ingredients from the region as possible. It is good for the farmers if a company like Symrise is able to supply other customers because it allows them to expand and diversify their sales channels.

Ricardo Omori: This approach is the right one and sustainable for all involved. Of course, we feel very indebted to Natura: It was much easier for us to build relationships with the producer associations and construct the production facilities at the Ecoparque with this strong partner. At the same time, it is a tremendous ad­vantage to have the freedom to sell the products on a global scale to spread the value creation across a broad basis.

»Our primary goal is to benefit the Amazon region.« Roberto Oliveira de Lima

What expectations do you have for business in the region?

Roberto Oliveira de Lima: So far, every­thing is going well: 75 % of the ingredients that we need for soaps come from the region and are processed there in the Ecoparque. But talking specifically about the future is never easy. That is because we are dealing with pure natural products, some of which have not yet been researched. Finding new raw materials can be a quick process or a very long one. So far, we have ten ingredients in our portfolio that arose from Brazil’s unique biodiversity.

Ricardo Omori: We have the same view. Because we work with pure natural products, some of which come from little-known fruits or seeds, we need to advance research. We perform this research together with Natura and universities in the region. Symrise has invested many euros solely in equipment used to further investigate materials and we are currently developing a team that specializes in the local biodiversity. This will allow us to re­gularly develop new and exciting products over the coming years.