Symrise Annual Report 2015 Symrise Annual Report 2015Symrise Annual Report 2015

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Diana held a photo competition with the categories “humans and the environment,” “climate,” “proximity and local dynamism,” “responsible consumption” and “renewable energies” in connection with the European Sustainable Development Week in early June 2015. These topics are related to Diana initiatives at its various sites around the globe. A photo of the TK Bremen, which ran aground on the coast of Brittany during a storm, was named the winner.
TK BREMEN: A SHIP ADRIFT Mikael Herault (Diana Aqua, France) full-screen view
MUSHROOM, A RESPONSIBLE ­CONSUMER Cliff Stewart (Diana Food, UK) full-screen view
SAVING LOCAL ENDANGERED SPECIES Paul Seguin (Diana Aqua, Thailand) full-screen view
ENERGY TRANSITION: A MAJOR CHALLENGE Gwénola Lafarge (Diana Aqua, France) full-screen view
Resource scarcity Henri Drapeau (Diana Food, France) full-screen view
Rice fields in Bali Eric Quirin (Diana Food, UK) full-screen view
LANDSCAPES TO PRESERVE Mayra Flores (Diana Pet Food, Mexico) full-screen view
THE TIDAL FORCES Sébastien Lejas (Diana Food, France) full-screen view
Bad habits die hard Régis Vitel (Diana Pet Food, France) full-screen view
WATER, A PRECIOUS RESOURCE Maria Sol Esteban (Diana Pet Food, Argentina) full-screen view
Frampton Marsh Greg Skinner (Diana Food, UK) full-screen view