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Editorial of the Global Management ­Committee

Dear readers and friends of Symrise,

the more energetically a company’s employees exchange their ideas across divisions and national borders, the more they share their experiences and competencies and work on projects together, then the more innovative and customer-oriented – and thereby more successful – the company will be. Symrise has made this networked way of working and acting part of its mission. We have compiled some examples of this in our Corporate Report for the 2015 fiscal year.

The exchange of ideas and experiences at Symrise goes even beyond the company itself, however. It includes customers, cooperation partners and, as an example of suppliers, entire village communities in the Amazon region.

Business success and sustainability are not mutually exclusive. In fact, they complement and strengthen each other if an integrated – and networked – approach is taken right from the beginning. As a UN Global Compact participant, we actively support its principles concerning responsible business. This is proved by our integrated corporate strategy (see Our Values, Our Goals, Our Responsibility) and the Symrise Sustainability Record (see From the Sustainability Report). Our business success is also demonstrated in our Group management report and consolidated financial statements for the 2015 fiscal year. It is evidenced by a significant growth in sales beyond market developments of 23 % to € 2.6 billion. And an operating result at an all-time high of € 572 million while maintaining an EBITDA margin of 22.0 %. Symrise is one of the leading inter­national companies in its industry.

The world is currently going through turbulent times. The peaceful lives and well-being of people are threatened on many sides. A lot can be achieved through cooperation, consideration of the needs of others and trusting partnerships that reach beyond cultural barriers. In our company and in our field, we have set this as a goal for ourselves, which is clear from many of the articles in this Corporate Report.

We hope you enjoy reading the Symrise Corporate Report for 2015.

Your Global Management Committee