Organizational Profile | G4-8

Markets served

The Symrise Group is active in many different markets around the world. These include the traditional market for flavorings and fragrances (F&F market), whose volume amounted to € 17.1 billion in 2015, according to most recent calculations made by the IAL Consultants market research institute (9th Edition, November 2014). In addition, with the Cosmetic Ingredients and Aroma Molecules divisions, the company is active in the market for aroma chemicals and cosmetic ingredients, which, according to the latest reports from TechNavio/Infiniti and Global Industry Analysts (GIA), achieved sales of approximately € 5.2 billion. The markets have many trends and characteristics in common. The market relevant for Symrise’s work therefore has a total volume of € 22.3 billion and is achieving average long-term growth of 2 to 3 % per year.