Organizational Profile | G4-12

Organizations' supply chain

We use approximately 10,000 natural and synthetic raw materials from over 100 countries to manufacture our products. Overall, Symrise works with approximately 5,100 suppliers around the world. The majority of our suppliers are from the EAME region.

We are constantly adapting the organizational structure of our purchasing department to the changing conditions on the market. Procurement at Symrise is organized in a decentralized manner in the two segments of Scent & Care and Flavor & Nutrition. This way we can manage purchasing processes in a more targeted manner and continually optimize the supply chain. An established scorecard system supports purchasers with relevant key figures. Our responsible sourcing model relies on close and continuous cooperation with our suppliers, on social and ecological commitment locally, and on strategic partnerships with our key customers.

National and international legal requirements on the protection of natural resources comprise a core component of Symrise’s purchasing policy. For example, we only permit the use of animal and plant-based raw materials listed by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) throughout the Group if the supplier is able to prove their sustainability.