Identified Material Aspects and Boundaries | G4-18

Process for defining the Report Content and the Aspect Boundaries

The Sustainability Board is extremely important for the further development and elaboration of our integrated corporate strategy. In 2014, it led a comprehensive review of the strategic orientation of our sustainability commitments. Against this backdrop, we took our approach of “Sharing Values.” With this approach, we revised our fields of action, assessing them according to their “value for society” and “value for Symrise” and identifying topics with the greatest potential for shared value creation. We used our stakeholder management process, modeled on the AA1000 Stakeholder Engagement Standard, to ascertain the priorities of our most important stakeholder groups. The process is centered on close communication with important groups. We believe that the most important among these are our customers, employees, shareholders, neighbors, political figures, NGOs and business partners.
Given the developments which took place during the course of the reporting year and the integration of the Diana Group, we undertook a validation of the strategic orientation results in 2015. We assigned a higher “value for Symrise” rating to the fields of action “ensuring utmost product safety,” “investment security,” “compliance with human rights” and “compliance.” We also included a brand new field of action, “animal welfare.” Along with our strategic orientation, identifying key issues also serves as a basis for structuring our reporting pursuant to the GRI G4 guidelines. We provide a full report on topics that were viewed as having a higher value for both Symrise and society. We provide a report with at least one indicator on topics that have a high relevance in one only dimension. Unless otherwise stated, all data relate to Symrise (including Diana) without Pinova Holding, which was acquired at the end of 2015. The key figures relating to our environmental efforts have been collected from 95 % of the sites.

The matrix used for assessing materiality combines three features. The X axis shows the “value” of each field of action for Symrise, while the Y axis shows its “value for society.” The size of the circles allotted to each field shows the extent of the expectations ­assigned to it from the viewpoint of our main stakeholder groups.