Biodiversity | G4-EN12

Description of significant impacts on biodiversity in protected areas

Our biodiversity concept is based on three pillars: the sustainable sourcing of natural raw materials, the eco-conscious design of Symrise’s sites and consciousness raising among employees. Regarding operational implementation, we launched a strategic partnership with the Global Nature Fund and the Union for Ethical BioTrade in 2014. A particular goal here is to identify specific business opportunities via a comprehensive biodiversity management system.

We have committed to protecting the Mata Atlântica neighboring our development center in Cotia, Brazil, and to ensuring that our business activities have no negative impact on the biodiversity of protected areas. Our site in Vohemar, Madagascar, has a limited influence on the natural environment as only fermentation and extraction processes are performed there. Despite this, we want to actively support the preservation of local biodiversity via integrated measures: The most important lever in this is environmental and ethically sustainable cultivation and sourcing practices that we ensure through the targeted use of sustainability standards and certifications (e.g., Rainforest Alliance, GlobalGAP, UEBT and many others).