Effluents and Waste | G4-EN22

Total water discharge by quality and destination

Preliminary cleansing of our wastewater takes place at the production facilities. We want to keep emissions in the water as low as possible and check the condition of the water at the relevant sites (> 90 % of wastewater) at regular intervals, which provides us with the chemical oxygen demand (COD) figure. In 2015, we reduced COD emissions (without Diana and backward integration) per € million value added (without Diana) by 6 % over the previous year (without Diana). This caused the COB impact to be reduced by approx. 21.5 % compared to the base year 2010. Wastewater contaminated with heavy metals is produced only in a very limited amount at Symrise.

Total Wastewater Volume for 2015

in m3 Show table
2015 2,364

Wastewater: Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) in 2015

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2015 4,969

Total Wastewater Volume in 2015 by Destination

100 % = 2,364 m3 in 2015 Show table
Removal by truck 2.5 %
Undefined disposal 0.4 %
Specified disposal point 97.1 %