Managementansatz | G4-DMA

Responsible HR policy is part of our corporate culture. It conveys goals and establishes common values. It also includes providing options for further qualification and training for our employees, promoting diversity among the workforce or enhancing the compatibility of professional and private life. Our Integrated Management System is based on the provisions of the SA 8000 social accountability standard, which is binding throughout the company. This standard is based on the conventions of the International Labor Organization (ILO), the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Humane working conditions, decent employment and due consideration for the social aspects of employment are the foundation for how we act at every site.

As a manufacturer of fragrance and flavors, cosmetic active ingredients and raw materials, and functional ingredients, we place a premium on the occupational health and safety of our employees. We have established a comprehensive system of measures at all our sites whose written behavioral guidelines offer assistance in identifying possible hazards. The guidelines also regulate how we handle hazardous substances. A complete list of all chemicals used at a particular site, including the respective safety data sheets, is provided at each site in the local language. Each production site has its own occupational health and safety committee, comprising employees from different levels within the company. All employees receive health and safety training tailored to their activities, and corresponding first aid facilities are provided for emergency situations.

The effectiveness of our measures is regularly evaluated by internal audits based on ISO 19011. Regular external audits by customers, authorities and independent certification companies further verify the constant improvement of our management systems.