Training and Education | G4-LA9

Number of hours for training and development

At Symrise, we spend about € 3 million annually on training and personnel development measures worldwide. In 2015, 568 training sessions were organized in Germany, of which 121 were internal and 447 external training sessions. A total of 1,818 employees participated in these sessions. Worldwide, the total training amounted to more than 27,600 hours. This also includes practical workshops specifically on sustainability for managers, who then transport the knowledge gained into their teams.
We have also intensified investments in the training of future specialists. Along with expanding our capacities for initial training in chemical-technical occupations, we also trained unemployed individuals from outside the field as chemical production specialists in a joint initiative with the local employment agency. This training stretches across about two years and will be completed with an exam in June 2016. We plan to continue this training approach with a subsequent group. Furthermore, we offer English courses for our production employees to help familiarize them with international work instructions. As of December 31, 2015, a total of 147 apprentices and trainees were employed at our sites in Germany. This corresponds to a training rate of around 5.5 %.