Supplier Human Rights Assessment | G4-HR10

Percentage of new suppliers that were screened using human rights criteria

With the help of a systematic management approach, we ensure that suppliers meet our standards. As part of this, new suppliers must disclose information on social responsibility guidelines within their supply chains and compliance with ethical standards. We require the safeguarding of general human rights, an undertaking not to make use of child labor or forced labor of any form, and compliance with statutory health and safety at work requirements. Furthermore, we expect our suppliers to allow their employees the right to freedom of assembly and collective bargaining, to observe at least the statutory provisions on working times and pay, and to make a clear commitment against discrimination and abuse. These standards constitute part of our Group-wide risk management system. As part of this, we carry out systematic risk and performance assessments of all suppliers on the basis of economic, ecological and social aspects.

We carry out audits for suppliers posing an especially notable risk stemming from the crucial raw materials they supply or regarding problems that have come to light in the assessment. These audits cover human rights aspects among other topics. If suppliers don’t meet our defined standards, we jointly develop and implement improvement measures. If these standards are still not upheld after such attempts, the business relationship is terminated as a last resort. Cases in which a supplier relationship was terminated due to a breach of relevant criteria did not occur in 2015.

All new suppliers were assessed on human rights.