Governance | G4-36

Executive-level position or positions with responsibility for economic, environmental and social topics

In 2009, we founded the Symrise Sustainability Board, a global, cross-divisional body that aims to facilitate the stronger integration of sustainability in our core processes. Multiple times per year, representatives from upper management come together within this framework to ensure that sustainability-relevant topics and the concerns of our important stakeholder groups are considered along the entire value chain.

The Sustainability Board sets sustainability objectives, which are then directly implemented in the respective divisions. For this reason, the Executive Board and Sustainability Board appointed sustainability officers for the Flavor & Nutrition and Scent & Care segments in 2011. Together with representatives from the Corporate Compliance and Corporate Communications departments, they represent the Sustainability Core Team, which manages the sustainability agenda across the Group. The direct responsibility for strategy lies with the Chief Executive Officer of Symrise AG, who receives regular reports on the progress of all sustainability activities. The company’s sustainability objectives also flow into individual performance goals and thereby into executive remuneration.