Management Approach | G4-DMA

We do not tolerate any form of corruption in our company. Accepting or providing money or other services in an attempt to gain a competitive advantage do not belong to our business practices. Bribery and money laundering are criminal offenses that we strongly condemn. Our principles for combating corruption are laid out in our Code of Conduct, which acts as a binding model for all employees. The principles apply for all countries regardless of possible conflicting cultural customs. It regulates behavior with key Symrise partners and ensures transparent and reliable processes. In the interest of all employees and the company, we react swiftly to violations against the Code and rectify their causes. For cases of violations against ethical and legal standards, we installed an Integrity Hotline in 2006 that allows employees to communicate their concerns anonymously and in their native language. Of course, reports are treated confidentially and whistle-blowers are not prosecuted. Misconduct is consistently prosecuted in accordance with the applicable national laws.