Goal 12

Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns

Symrise helps meet basic human needs for health and nutrition as well as care and well-being with its business activities. The sustainable orientation of our products and processes is a quality standard that we pursue constantly – and as a matter of course.

To achieve this, we formulate goals along the entire value chain. By 2020, we’d like to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions, sensitive waste and product loss via wastewater associated with our production process each by 33 % in comparison to 2010. At the same time, we’re doing everything we can to ensure that the sourcing of our raw materials and the associated supply chains are sustainable. By 2020, we’d like to be in a position to assess 100 % of our primary suppliers in accordance with sustainability criteria. By 2020, we’ll also be integrating aspects of biodiversity into our R&D activities and procurement policy and training relevant stakeholders along the value chain.

As early as 2012, we introduced a process for logging and assessing our sustainability performance in product development. Using specific indicators based on the concept of planetary boundaries, we assess the contribution that each and every project makes to sustainability. We’re constantly further developing existing products and focusing on redesigning and completely overhauling processes using modern chemistry and innovative technologies. This radical approach brings groundbreaking possibilities: For instance, it eliminates by-products, improves raw material efficiency and significantly reduces the carbon footprint of our products.

The main focus of our research and development strategy is our enhanced commitment in the areas of skin protection and healthier nutrition. So our ongoing aim is to continuously increase the share of these products in our sales volume. We work closely with our key customers to increase the contribution that end products make to promoting health.