Goal 14

Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources

With the Diana acquisition expanding our portfolio, sustainable use of marine resources is all the more important to us. Alongside other natural raw materials such as fruit and vegetables, we also process fish and other kinds of seafood for use in our products.

With our environmental goals along the entire value chain in particular, we contribute to preserving the biodiversity of the oceans and seas (see also Goals 12, 13, 15).

But we can also make a contribution with our products: Half of the edible fish already comes from aquaculture. Diana has developed a sustainable approach to feeding the fish – food higher in nutrition can be better absorbed by the fish, thus leading to better growth and ultimately helping to conserve valuable marine resources.
Our green chemistry approach also serves to develop new molecules with high biodegradability – another way in which Symrise contributes to preventing water pollution.