Goal 3

Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages

Given the industry we operate in, occupational health and safety are of particular significance at Symrise. Because many of our employees work with chemicals, each production site has its own occupational health and safety committee, comprising employees from different levels within the company including management. All employees undergo health and safety training courses designed specifically for their given activity. There are other elements too, such as a “health week,” when employees are offered information on issues such as nutrition and healthy eating, sleeping well for shift workers and workplace ergonomics. We have made it our mission to reduce the number of accidents significantly by 2020 (2020 goal: 2.0 MAQ).

Symrise also contributes to the health of the people in the supply chain. We ensure access to medical care in selected projects with small-scale farmers. We’re also involved in social projects designed to improve health and, for example, provide assistance to people with special needs and disabilities.

Through our strategic partnership with Probi and other R&D activities, we’re always on the lookout for product innovations that promote healthy nutrition and thus make a long-term contribution to improving the well-being of consumers. The main focus of our research and development strategy is our enhanced commitment in the areas of skin protection and healthier nutrition. So our ongoing aim is to continuously increase the share of these products in our sales volume. We work closely with our key customers to increase the contribution that end products make to promoting health.