Goal 6

Ensure access to water and sanitation for all

We see the availability of high-quality, fresh water as indispensable for our activities. Symrise does not currently operate any sites that use a significant amount of water in areas with water shortages. Still, we do everything in our power to use the precious resource of water as efficiently as possible and reduce our production of wastewater. To ensure that we’re able to identify and actively manage potential water risks early on, we also systematically assess our supply chain and maintain regular contact with our suppliers. Our commitment to water management was acknowledged by the CDP Water Program 2015, where we received the second-highest grading (B), putting us well ahead of the average CDP score (D).

We’ve committed to reducing our wastewater emissions by 33 %. In this way, we can contribute to minimizing our impact on water as a natural resource. With our green chemistry approach, we’re also developing new molecules that not only reduce the water consumption associated with our production process, but also the water load generated by the end customer.

We also help communities in our cultivation areas gain access to water. Working with other partners, we provide assistance in the digging of wells, while local agents offer information about the significance of using water sustainably. One such example is our initiative for the vanilla farmers in the SAVA region of Madagascar.